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Hosted Video Recording

Webb Computer Solutions specializes in the installation and maintenance of state of the art IP network cameras. We have partnered with global leader Axis Communications to provide residential, commercial,retail, and municipal clients with reliable surveillance and software, allowing you the to have a secure, worry free and reliable environment.


From identifying cars or individuals damaging private property, to helping note suspicious activity among employees or visitors, surveillance video is an important part of business and shouldn’t be an afterthought. By using secure IP network cameras, our clients have saved thousands of dollars:

  1. Secure video storage.
    • Your data cannot be tampered with because it is housed on our secure network. That means protection from theft, vandalism, water or wind damage and general wear and tear.
  2. Internet access from anywhere.
    • Secured IP network cameras connect directly to the Internet, allowing business owners to see live, real-time images from multiple locations – whether they’re from across the street or across the globe.
  3. Automatic software updates.
    • We ensure that your cameras are using the latest technologies and system requirements for top performance and efficiency.
  4. Easy installation.
    • Our cameras could not be easier. Simply plug them into an existing high-speed Static IP connection and use our easy set-up guide. Need help? We’re glad to provide assistance with maintenance, troubleshooting and more. Just call our service hotline.
  5. Low monthly fees.
    • Purchasing propriety software and equipment is a thing of the past. So is the expense that comes with it. Your wallet and your budget will thank you.
  6. Three-year factory warranty.
    • All of our Axis Communications products are complete with a warranty. If you’re unsatisfied with the camera or software, let us know and we’ll help find a better fit for your needs.
All you need is access to an electrical outlet, and a high-speed Internet connection with Static IP. That’s it. Then enjoy the peace of mind of secure, crystal-clear footage – readily available and accessible via the Internet. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. On your schedule.

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